Barbara Kunz, Ageless Grace Trainer

Anti-Aging Seated Fitness Technique Based on the Cutting-Edge Science of Neuroplasticity

Barbara Kunz lives near St Thomas, Ontario, Canada. She was introduced to Ageless Grace® by Denise Medved in 2012 at the first Canadian Seminar and Certification. She found herself completely drawn in by Ageless Grace®. Barbara’s inner child fell in love immediately with the expressive movements of the 21 Tools. She is presently an Ageless Grace® Trainer and Educator..

Barbara brings an open heart, creativity and curiosity to her workshops and trainings, always aiming to inspire students to experience their own joy and personal growth through their movement. Her goal is to create an environment where students (of all ages and abilities) can discover their unlimited potential as they gain body awareness, cardiovascular fitness, achieve healthier brain and bodies, and have fun!

She is convinced that even on those days when it feels like your body is weighed down by life, all it takes is 10 minutes of Ageless Grace® to lift your spirits. 

Barbara is available for conferences, keynote speaking and staff personal practice training.

Images provided by Rob Russell Photography