21 Day Challenge - The Magic Pill

In Ageless Grace we challenge participants to create a daily practice for 10 minutes a day of Ageless Grace movement - usually just 3 of the 21 Tools.  Like following your Dr.'s order for a prescription but there is no physical pill to take for wonderful effects. We call it the Ageless Grace PILL - Play Instead of Living Limited!

The following are recent testimonials from people who have created the habit:

I have been working away at Ageless Grace and have an exciting update.

you asked us to let you know if we complete the 21 day challenge..well I did..absolutely love it...I feel like it wakes up my body..I have kept it up daily since the class & will continue to do so. It is now the first thing I do when I get up in the morning...I could never get my left hand into a fist because of arthritis...now I can..also have less pain in my foot then when I started..I am now a strong advocate of this..so glad I went to your workshop...thanks a bunch..  Claudette London Ontario

Just finished today's practice and something amazing happened. I have been following Denise's videos each day, doing 4 of the exercises, this morning as I was working along to Yo Baby, Denise instructs to cross the knee, something I have not been able to do for years. I instinctively crossed my knee, I must say it was not perfect but it was crossed. I am so shocked, just had to share. Another thing I could do today was to touch the floor with my hands, again something I have not been able to do for a long time. Don't know which day I am on at this point, need to go back to the paperwork. In total, I have missed 3 days because of arthritis flare-ups that have left me lying flat on heating pads to get past the pain.   Mary from Sarnia Ontario