It all started when…

Almost 2 years ago I was in an accident and hit my head.  I thought I was okay until 6 months after when I was unable to walk in a straight line or in the dark.  Fast forward 18 months latter. I have been going to physio, specialists and just recently to have tests completed at the Audiology Department at London Health Sciences Centre. (A great hospital in my home town.)   No solutions.  My life has really been impacted by being off balance.

Then.... I was at a Health Fair in Cambridge Ontario and met a gentleman who had a display of socks and insoles.  It would not have caught my eye if I did not see 'neuro technology'.  As you know I am totally committed to anything that talks about our brain, neuroplasticity and how fabulous our brain is.

I did a strength test with him with my feet on the carpet floor and then again standing on the insoles. As soon as I stood on the insoles I felt a balance rush go through my body.  It was amazing!  The change in my balance was immediate!  What the heck???

Of course I bought the insoles and put them  in my shoes immediately and walked around like a proud peacock.  That day changed my life.

The product is called VOXXLIFE and is based out of Mississauga Ontario Canada. Yes, a smart man called Jay created this company of drug free wellness.   Human Performance Technology!

I immediately signed up as an associate to sell to my friends and family these great life changers.

Do you ever come across a product of service that is just perfect for you?

Check out the site. It has some amazing research and testimonials. YouTube also has great stories   www.voxxlife.com/barbarakunz

You can order on-line anytime. All products have a 30 day guarantee.

I hope you find your health with this new crazy product!

They call it 'The Future of Wellness' and I am convinced their product is!